The idea for the Modular Gravity HUET Crane was born when training providers asked us for a safer solution in case of power outage or malfunctioning of the equipment. In case of a power outage with common HUET cranes the HUET and its passengers are dropped in the water, which is a risk.

Gravity & Hydraulics

The Modular Gravity HUET Crane is based on the concept of gravity and the idea to use natural forces instead of working against them. The hydraulic pump pushes the counterweight up, making the HUET ditch the water. In case of a power outage or other case of emergency that causes the system to stop working, the hydraulic pressure drops and the counterweight lifts the HUET out of the water, bringing the passengers to safety. This makes the modular gravity crane a safer solution than common huet cranes.

Patent pending by Nautilus Safe Training Equipment and MTC International.